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Gorizia: Quiz


Question 1: Until 1943, Gorizia was also home of a small but significant ________ minority.

Question 2: Although the majority of the population identifies with the Italian culture, Gorizia is an important center of ________ and Slovene culture.
Romansh languageItalian languageFrench languageFriulian language

Question 3: These included ________ and sporting events that favoured the spirit of harmonious coexistence that remained in place after Yugoslavia broke up in 1991.
SlaveryHuman rightsFamilyCulture

Question 4: In the first years of Italian administration, Gorizia was included in the Governorate of ________ (1918-1919).
Gorizia and GradiscaTriesteSloveniaJulian March

Question 5: During the ________, Gorizia was incorporated to the French Illyrian Provinces between 1809 and 1813.
Grande ArméeNapoleonic WarsHundred DaysNapoleon I

Question 6: The palatine chapel, entitled to Saint ________ houses canvases of the Venetian school of painting and traces of Renaissance frescoes.
JesusSaint PeterBartholomew the ApostleJude the Apostle

Question 7: Edvard Rusjan (1886-1911), ________ constructor and pilot
Wide-body aircraftAircraftBusiness jetDouble-deck aircraft

Question 8: The document referred to Gorizia as "the village known as Goriza in the language of the ________" ("Villa quae Sclavorum lingua vocatur Goriza ").
South SlavsSlavic peoplesSlavic languagesSerbs

Question 9: Nora Gregor (1901-1949), ________

Question 10: Gorizia developed in a multi-ethnic town, in which ________, Venetian, German and Slovene language was spoken.
Italian languageRomansh languageFrench languageFriulian language


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