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Gordian Knot: Quiz


Question 1: This had been predicted in a second way by a sign of the gods, when an ________ had landed on that ox-cart.
Bald EagleAquila (genus)EagleGolden Eagle

Question 2: Unlike ________, true myth has few completely arbitrary elements.
FableLiterary techniqueFairy talePoetry

Question 3: The ox-cart[2] still stood in the palace of the former kings of ________ at Gordium in the fourth century BC when Alexander arrived, at which point Phrygia had been reduced to a satrapy, or province, of the Persian Empire.

Question 4: ________ disputes the claim that Alexander sliced the knot with his sword, and relates that according to Aristobulus,[5] Alexander pulled the knot out of its pole pin rather than cutting it.
Alexander the GreatPlutarchPlatoDemosthenes

Question 5: This myth taken as a whole seems designed to confer legitimacy to a ________ change in this central Anatolian kingdom: thus Alexander's "brutal cutting of the knot...
Julio-Claudian dynastyCapetian dynastyDynastyMerovingian dynasty

Question 6: ________, The Greek Myths, 1993.
Siegfried SassoonRobert GravesLaura RidingWilfred Owen

Question 7: Either way, Alexander did go on to conquer Asia as far as the ________ and the Oxus, fulfilling the prophecy.
Ganges DeltaGanges BasinIndus River DeltaIndus River

Question 8: An oracle at Telmissus (the ancient capital of ________) decreed that the next man to enter the city driving an ox-cart should become their king.

Question 9: Other Greek myths legitimize dynasties by right of conquest (compare ________), but the legitimizing oracle stressed in this myth suggests that the previous dynasty had been a race of priest-kings allied to the oracle deity.
SemeleCadmusEuropa (mythology)Zeus

Question 10: The Gordian Knot is a legend associated with ________.
Macedonia (ancient kingdom)Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomSeleucid Empire


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