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Question 1: During the 19th century, ________ became a popular means of entertainment.
Minstrel showBlackfaceUnited StatesAfrican American

Question 2: There are other images that perpetuate the binary of European hair types as being "good" and African hair types as being inherently understood as "bad," more widely understood as nappy or ________.
Afro-textured hairAfroBlack PowerAfrican American

Question 3: Although many hair stylists or ________ would define good hair to mean "healthy hair", the phrase is rarely used in this manner within informal African American circles.
FacialCosmeticsCosmetologyBeauty salon

Question 4: This worldview has been reiterated throughout the ________.
Asian cinemaCinema of the United StatesCinema of the United KingdomHistory of film

Question 5: Literary scholars such as ________ have cast a lens on African American customs by discussing these controversial ideals and practices common to U.S.
Saul BellowNadine GordimerJoseph BrodskyToni Morrison

Question 6: In one of her most well-known novels, ________, Morrison addresses the challenges within the African American community to interpret beauty, within and outside popular images portrayed in the hegemonic society.
Tar Baby (novel)Paradise (novel)Love (Toni Morrison novel)The Bluest Eye

Question 7: Many scholars attribute this mindset to be the residual effects of ________.
African-American historyHarriet TubmanSlavery in the United StatesAtlantic slave trade

Question 8: Oftentimes, African Americans have felt that women with a lighter complexion and softer, more subdued curl patterns are given partiality over women who have darker complexions and ________.
AfroAfro-textured hairBlack PowerBlack people


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