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Gonzo journalism: Quiz


Question 1: The word Gonzo was first used in 1970 to describe an article by ________, who later popularized the style.
Hunter S. Thompson bibliographyThe Great Shark HuntHunter S. ThompsonHippie

Question 2: [1] Cardoso claimed that "gonzo" was ________ Irish slang describing the last man standing after an all night drinking marathon.
Dorchester, BostonChinatown, BostonSouth Boston, BostonCharlestown, Boston

Question 3: Advocacy • Citizen • Civic • Collaborative • Community • Database • Gonzo • Investigative • Literary • ________ • Narrative • New • Opinion • Special Interest • Peace • Visual • Watchdog
Media biasDefamationMuckrakerJournalism ethics and standards

Question 4: Gonzo journalism can be seen as an offshoot of the New Journalism movement in the sixties, led primarily by Tom Wolfe, and also championed by Lester Bangs and ________.
Harvard UniversityUnited StatesNew YorkGeorge Plimpton

Question 5: ________ • Magazines • News agencies • Broadcast • Online • Photojournalism • Alternative media
DefamationMedia biasNews mediaNewspaper

Question 6: It has largely been subsumed into ________.
Creative nonfictionNew JournalismNarrative journalismJournalism ethics and standards

Question 7: Gonzo journalism is a style of journalism which is written subjectively, often including the reporter as part of the story via a ________.
Unreliable narratorFirst-person narrativeEpistolary novelNarrative mode

Question 8: In some cases—such as ________, wherein most documenting is done by the person driving the car and holding the camera—the gonzo element is inherent.
United StatesSevere weatherWeather radarStorm chasing

Question 9: Reporter • Editor • Columnist • Copy editor • Commentator • Photographer • Presenter • ________ •
Weather forecastingPrecipitation (meteorology)MeteorologyMETAR

Question 10: Use of quotations, sarcasm, ________, exaggeration, and even profanity is common.
AestheticsFriedrich NietzscheHumourTragedy

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