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Gondar: Quiz


Question 1: Gondar was founded by Emperor Fasilides around the year 1635, and grew as an ________ and market town.
Intensive farmingAgricultureOrganic farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 2: Gondar or Gonder (Ge'ez: ጎንደር Gōnder, older ጐንደር Gʷandar, modern pronunciation Gʷender) is a city in ________, which was once the old imperial capital and capital of the historic Begemder province.

Question 3: 83.31% adhered to ________, and 15.83% of the population said they were Muslim.
Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo ChurchOrthodox ChurchArmenian Apostolic ChurchEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

Question 4: As designated by ________, Gondar is a sister city with
JordanYemenSyriaSister Cities International

Question 5: This caused the ________ to move into their own quarter, Islamge (Ge'ez: እስላምጌ "Islam place," or "Islam country") or Islam Bet (እስላም ቤት "House of Islam," lit.

Question 6: One exception to this rule was ________, founded by Zara Yaqob in 1456; Tegulet in Shewa was also essentially the capital during the first century of Solomonic rule.
GondarDessieBahir DarDebre Berhan

Question 7: Beginning with Emperor Menas in 1559, the rulers of Ethiopia began spending the ________ near Lake Tana, often returning to the same location again and again.
Precipitation (meteorology)Wet seasonSevere weatherWeather

Question 8: The town is also home to an airport (ICAO code HAGN, ________ GDQ), and Gondar University which includes Ethiopia's main faculty of medicine.
Cathay PacificAir CanadaPrecision AirInternational Air Transport Association

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