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Question 1: The notable ________ of the 1400s either were goldsmiths, as was Master E. S., or the sons of goldsmiths, such as Martin Schongauer and Albrecht Dürer

Question 2: Usually the ________ is alloyed into any of various blends and colors, and the goldsmith may have some skill in that process.

Question 3: In medieval Europe goldsmiths were organized in ________ and were usually one of the most important and wealthy of the guilds in a city.
CapitalismTrade unionGuildFree market

Question 4: Goldsmiths must be skilled in forming metal through filing, soldering, sawing, ________, casting, and polishing metal.
Brake (sheet metal bending)Metalworking terminologyNibblerForging

Question 5: 24 karat gold is generally called fine gold, and is the starting place for working with ________.

Question 6: Coupled with aesthetic attractiveness and rarity, gold's physical properties have given ________ and items made from it an unparalleled place in human history.

Question 7: In today's world a wide variety of other metals, especially ________ alloys, may also be used extensively.

Question 8: Quite often the goldsmith's job involves the making of mountings for ________, in which case they are often referred to as jewelers.

Question 9: Gold is so malleable and ________ that even primitive tools can work it to a high level of detail.

Question 10: ________, being the most malleable metal of all, offers unique opportunities for the worker.

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