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Golden plates: Quiz


Question 1: ________ is quoted as stating that he saw just the untranslated portion of the plates sitting on the table with the sword (and also a breastplate).
Martin Harris (Latter Day Saints)Oliver CowderyJoseph Smith, Jr.David Whitmer

Question 2: [8] The ________, however, while accepting the Book of Mormon as scripture, no longer takes an official position on the historicity of the golden plates.
Council of Twelve Apostles (Community of Christ)Joseph Smith IIICommunity of ChristHistory of the Community of Christ

Question 3: Harris, Henry (1833), "Affidavit of Henry Harris", in Howe, Eber Dudley, ________, Painesville, Ohio: Telegraph Press, pp. 251–53, .
Joseph Smith, Jr.Mormonism UnvailedGolden platesLost 116 pages

Question 4: [99] For the earliest phase of translation, Smith said that he translated using what he called the "________"—a set of large spectacles with stones where the eye-pieces should be.
EphodMasoretic TextGolden platesUrim and Thummim

Question 5: [21] He came to view seeing with a stone in religious terms as the work of a "seer",[22] and indeed, in his view a seer was even greater than a ________.

Question 6: [154] Statements over the names of these men, apparently drafted by Joseph Smith,[155] were published in 1830 as an appendix to the ________.
ChristianityHistorical authenticity of the Book of MormonBook of MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.

Question 7: The second phase began sporadically in early 1829 and then in earnest in April 1829 with the arrival of ________, a schoolteacher who volunteered to serve as Smith's full-time scribe.
Joseph Smith, Jr.Oliver CowderyGordon B. HinckleyBrigham Young

Question 8: The ________ itself portrays the golden plates as a historical record, engraved by two pre-Columbian prophet-historians from around the year AD 400: Mormon and his son Moroni.
Historical authenticity of the Book of MormonBook of MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.Christianity

Question 9: For many Latter Day Saints, however, particularly within the ________, the significance of these plates, including the golden plates, has waned as increasing numbers of adherents have doubted their historicity.
Council of Twelve Apostles (Community of Christ)Joseph Smith IIIHistory of the Community of ChristCommunity of Christ

Question 10: For instance, Smith's mother ________ said she had "seen and handled" the plates.
First VisionLucy Mack SmithJoseph Smith, Jr.Golden plates


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