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Question 1: The attack eventually succeeded, but Jenin was retaken by the ________ shortly after.
Iraqi Air ForceIraqi ArmyIraqi security forcesIraqi insurgency

Question 2: [41] In March 1978, with the launch of ________, much of the brigade moved to capture the village al-Hiyam.
2006 Lebanon War1978 South Lebanon conflictHezbollah1982 Lebanon War

Question 3: Units from the Barak Battalion, with Yiftach (________) and Guard Corps reinforcements, successfully fended off a Syrian attack.
1948 Arab–Israeli WarYitzhak RabinIrgunPalmach

Question 4: The brigade's sector in the ________ was lightly manned, and most of the units were either on holiday or preparing for a planned major ceremony.
IsraelGolan Heights2006 Lebanon WarSyria

Question 5: The first Golani action following the Arab invasion of Israel on May 15 was the defense of the Deganias from the Syrian army in the ________.
1948 Arab–Israeli War1947–1948 Civil War in Mandatory PalestineBattles of the Kinarot ValleyGolani Brigade

Question 6: The brigade was formed on February 22, 1948 during the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, when the Levanoni Brigade in the ________ split into the 1st Golani Brigade and the 2nd Carmeli Brigade.
Beit She'anGalileeNazarethTiberias

Question 7: In 2004, Golani operated within the northern border of Israel and in the West Bank (mainly ________).
Jenin1948 Palestinian exodusTulkarmKhan Yunis

Question 8: [15] In March 1962, Golani launched Operation Swallow against the Syrians at Nuqeib on the east bank of the ________, in response to constant Syrian harassment of Israeli fishermen in the lake.
Sea of GalileeGolan HeightsPalestineJordan

Question 9: Although the brigade is known for insubordination problems,[1] two of its commanders, Mordechai Gur and ________, became IDF Chiefs of Staff.
David ElazarGabi AshkenaziMoshe DayanRafael Eitan

Question 10: As the end of the ________ was fast approaching, the leadership of the Haganah drafted Plan Dalet for its subsequent organization and operations.
JordanBritish EmpireBritish Mandate of PalestineGibraltar

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