Godspell: Quiz

Question 1: On their album Jesus Freak, Christian rock band ________ does a cover version of "Day by Day."
DC TalkMichael TaitTobyMacKevin Max

Question 2:
Who wrote the lyrics for Godspell?
Stephen Dolginoff
Stephen Schwartz
Stephen Edwards
Stephen Clark

Question 3:

Question 4: The company is just beginning to understand Jesus and his teachings, and take it upon themselves to tell the story of the ________ and the tax gatherer praying in the temple.
Nevi'imHasmoneanPhariseesChristianity and Judaism

Question 5: In one of his "Slimmin' Down With Steve" segments on The Daily Show, ________ worked with a nutritionist to make a healthy meal of pasta primavera.
Steve CarellStephen ColbertJon StewartEd Helms

Question 6: The show begins with the Voice of ________ declaring his supremacy: "My name is Known: God and King.

Question 7: ________, the show's musical director, would also join Radner on Saturday Night Live as its musical director.
Conan O'BrienPaul ShafferDavid LettermanMax Weinberg

Question 8: In a call-and-response type of method, the company recites the ________.
Sermon on the MountApostle (Christian)New TestamentBeatitudes

Question 9: He is tempted by ________, but orders him out.
Abrahamic religionsSatanDevilChristian teaching about the Devil

Question 10: A church production in Grand Rapids, MI had a total cost of less than $500 for running two shows—the only thing that was purchased was the music and ________.

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Godspell)