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Question 1: In Godfather Death, presented by the ________, the archetype is, unusually, a supernatural godfather.
August Wilhelm SchlegelBrothers GrimmRomanticismE. T. A. Hoffmann

Question 2: There are two roles in the ________ ceremony that are sometimes translated as godparent.
Bar and Bat MitzvahBrit milahJewish servicesJudaism

Question 3: [23] As ________ emerged as a separate rite from baptism from the 8th century, a second set of sponsors, with similar prohibitions, also emerged.
BishopCatholic ChurchConfirmationHoly Orders

Question 4: [3] Within a century, the ________ indicates that parents had been replaced in this role almost completely.
Byzantine EmpireCorpus Juris CivilisByzantine literatureByzantine calendar

Question 5: A godparent, in many denominations of ________, is someone who sponsors a child's baptism.
ChristianityChristian denominationEcumenismBaptist

Question 6: [8] ________ attempted to limit the numbers of godparents to one or two, but practice has differed across the Catholic world.
Council of ChalcedonCatholic ChurchCouncil of TrentFirst Council of Nicaea

Question 7: Luther, Zwingli, and Calvin preserved infant baptism against the attacks of more radical reformers including ________, and with it, sponsors at baptism.
Christian denominationAnabaptistChristianityProtestant Reformation

Question 8: Normally, these sponsors were the natural parents of a child, as emphasized in 408 by ________ who suggested that they could, it seems exceptionally, be other individuals.
Blaise PascalAnselm of CanterburyAugustine of HippoThomas Aquinas

Question 9: By the 2nd century CE, ________ had become accepted as a ceremony largely for the spiritual purification and social initiation of infants.
LutheranismProtestant ReformationInfant baptismBaptism

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