Godhead (Latter Day Saints): Quiz

Question 1: On the other hand, some Protestant-oriented Latter Day Saint sects, such as the Community of Christ, consider the ________ to be consistent with trinitarianism.
ChristianityHistorical authenticity of the Book of MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.Book of Mormon

Question 2: Prior to ________'s birth, the book depicts Jesus as a spirit "without flesh and blood", although with a spirit "body" that looked the same as Jesus would appear during his physical life.
JesusNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeGospelNew Testament

Question 3: In the ________, the Heavenly Mother is accepted as a full member of the Godhead.
Doctrine and CovenantsRestoration Church of Jesus ChristThe Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsLatter Day Saint movement

Question 4: The primary source for this theology is the sermon he delivered at the funeral of King Follett (commonly called the ________).
King Follett discourseJoseph Smith, Jr.Brigham YoungMormon

Question 5: In the Lectures on Faith, which had been taught in ________ to the School of the Prophets, the following doctrines were presented:
19001834January 11917

Question 6: The book describes the "Spirit of the Lord" (presumably the ________) as capable of appearing "in the form of a man" and speaking as a man would speak.
JesusHoly SpiritNew TestamentApostle (Christian)

Question 7: Mainstream Christian theologians do not consider that this baptism story is inconsistent with ________.
ChristologyGod in ChristianityTrinityBiblical canon

Question 8: According to LDS teachings, this theology is consistent with Smith's 1838 and subsequent accounts of the ________.
First VisionGolden platesJoseph Smith, Jr.Oliver Cowdery

Question 9: In ________, Smith published a narrative of his First Vision, in which he described seeing both God the Father and a separate Jesus Christ in a vision, both of them appearing identical.

Question 10: Some scholars have also suggested that the view of Jesus in The ________ is also consistent, or perhaps most consistent, with monotheistic Modalism.
Book of MormonHistorical authenticity of the Book of MormonJoseph Smith, Jr.Christianity

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