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Question 1: Yet there is evolving consensus on some issues including: the Goddess in relation to polytheism and ________; immanence, transcendence and other ways to understand the nature of the Goddess.

Question 2: The Goddess movement draws some inspiration from ideas of feminist archaeology, in particular by ________ (Gimbutas 1974 and 1989, Mellaart 1967) claiming that the societies of Neolithic Europe were "matristic" or "goddess-centered".
LithuaniaKurgan hypothesisVilniusMarija Gimbutas

Question 3: This universal myth is found within a social and religious context whose historical roots are traced from the Paleolithic and ________.
NeolithicCucuteni-Trypillian cultureLinear Pottery cultureVinča culture

Question 4: The Hindu goddess, ________, is a case in point.

Question 5: Christ (2003), shows the similarities between Goddess thealogy and ________, and suggests that Goddess thealogians adopt more of the process viewpoint.
PantheismDeismAfterlifeProcess theology

Question 6: However these ideas were largely ignored in the North America and much of Europe until ________.
Second-wave feminismHuman rights in the United StatesUnited StatesDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 7: [citation needed] In Greek mythology, the mother of all the gods, goddess Rhea (or ________ among the Romans), this worship can be easily attested is its etymology:rhea means land or flow.
CybeleTrojan WarDionysusZeus

Question 8: Joseph Campbell in The Power of Myth, a 1988 interview with ________,[11] links the image of the Earth or Mother Goddess to symbols of fertility and reproduction.
Tony SnowBill MoyersPublic Broadcasting ServicePBS NewsHour

Question 9: Campbell argues that Christianity, originally a denomination of Judaism, embraced part of the Jewish pagan culture and the rib metaphor is an example of how distant the Jewish religion was from the prehistoric religion—the worship of the Mother Goddess or the ________.
Feminist theologyDeityGoddessPolytheism

Question 10: The Goddess movement is described or explored by various films and independent media, such as the Women and Spirituality trilogy made by Donna Read for the ________.
Academy Award for Best Animated Short FilmRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceCanadian Space AgencyNational Film Board of Canada

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