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Question 1:
What phylum does Goby belong to?

Question 2:
What classis does Goby belong to?

Question 3: Gobies can often be seen using the sucker to adhere to rocks and corals, and in ________ they will happily stick to glass walls of the tank as well.
FishkeepingFreshwater aquariumAquariumMarine aquarium

Question 4: Although few are important as food for humans, they are of great significance as prey species for commercially important fish like ________, haddock, sea bass, and flatfish.
Wild fisheriesCodAtlantic codSillaginidae

Question 5: A small number of gobies (unknown exactly, but in the low hundreds) are also fully adapted to ________ environments.
FreshwaterEarthLakeWater resources

Question 6: It is often recommended that gobies be kept on their own or with peaceful surface dwelling species such as halfbeaks and ________.
GuppyGreen swordtailPoeciliaSailfin molly

Question 7: Most gobies feed on small invertebrates, although some of the larger species eat other fish, and a few eat planktonic ________.
AlgaePhotosynthesisWild fisheriesPlant

Question 8: This sucker is functionally analogous to the dorsal fin sucker possessed by the remoras or the pelvic fin sucker of the lumpsuckers, but is anatomically distinct: these similarities are the product of ________.
Parallel evolutionConvergent evolutionCountershadingBird

Question 9: ________ are a closely-related family (Eleotridae) that lack the fused pelvic fin sucker typical of most gobies but are otherwise very similar in size, shape, and ecology.

Question 10: These gobies are known as "cleaner gobies", and remove ________ from the skin, fins, mouth, and gills of a wide variety of large fish.
CatDirofilaria immitisParasitismToxoplasmosis


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