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Goatee: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (evil Buzz)
Toy StoryBuzz Lightyear of Star CommandToy Story 2Toy Story 3

Question 2: It is worn by master ________ maker George Rico.
Fidel CastroCubaUnited StatesCigar

Question 3: In the traditional taxonomy of facial hair, a goatee is a ________ formed by a tuft of hair on the chin.
Ancient GreeceGreeceBeardAlexander the Great

Question 4: ________ (episodes "Rearview Mirror, Mirror Part 1 & 2", which featured a skinny and evil version of the hero)
Megas XLREd, Edd n EddyCodename: Kids Next DoorSamurai Jack

Question 5: The royale (or impériale) – a tuft of hair under the lower lip without a goatee, perhaps worn with a moustache, as worn by the younger ________ - a Vandyke in English-speaking terms.
Napoleon II of FranceHouse of BonaparteLouis-Philippe I, King of the FrenchNapoleon III of France

Question 6: The word probably originated from the tuft of hair seen on an adult ________.
GoatDomestic sheepMilkCattle

Question 7: While the royale was historically worn by French officers as a badge or ________ of military rank or status, it is not technically a goatee.
AestheticsPhysical attractivenessBeautyImmanuel Kant

Question 8: In ________, the goatee is sometimes referred to as a Bulganin, after Bulganin who sported one.
Lok SabhaIndiaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 9: ________ can be recognized by his long and somewhat thin goatee.
Kirk HammettDave MustaineMetallicaJames Hetfield

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