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Question 1: There are around 30 ________ of goanna, 25 of which are found in Australia.
Biological classificationSpeciesEvolutionLife

Question 2: Most lay eggs in a nest or burrow, but some species lay their eggs inside ________ mounds.

Question 3: They are a varied group of ________ reptiles that range greatly in size and fill several ecological niches.

Question 4: ________ ranges from bands and stripes to splotches, speckles and circles, and can change as the creature matures; juveniles sometimes being brighter than adults.
CrypsisCamouflageConvergent evolutionMilitary camouflage

Question 5: This included totemic relationships, anthropomorphic representations in ________ stories, and as a food source.
ProphecyDreamtimeImmortalityDreaming (spirituality)

Question 6: The giant Perentie has been observed killing a young kangaroo, and then biting out chunks of flesh like a ________.
Dog breedCoat (dog)DogDog health

Question 7: Goanna is the name used to refer to any number of Australian monitor lizards of the genus Varanus, as well as to certain species from ________.
SingaporeMalaysiaSoutheast AsiaPhilippines

Question 8: Goannas are found throughout most of Australia, except for ________, and manage to persist in a variety of environments.
TasmaniaWestern AustraliaVictoria (Australia)New South Wales

Question 9: Most species are known to climb trees or outcrops, there are plenty of primarily ________ species.
ColugoBrachiationPrimateArboreal locomotion

Question 10: The Goanna features prominently in Aboriginal mythology and Australian ________.


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