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Question 1: In ________ a goal is scored when the ball is kicked by an offensive player completely between the goal posts.
International rules footballHurlingRec footyAustralian rules football

Question 2: For example, an ________ the score may be expressed as follows:
HurlingAustralian rules footballInternational rules footballRec footy

Question 3: In ________, a goal scored from the field as a drop kick scores one point, and a goal from a place kick after a foul scores two points.
FootballRugby leagueAmerican footballRugby football

Question 4: In ________, there is no crossbar but 4 uprights instead.
HurlingAustralian rules footballRec footyInternational rules football

Question 5: In ________ and Hurling, in which the goalposts are similar to those used in rugby, the ball can be kicked either under the crossbar for a goal, or over the crossbar through the posts for a point.
Gaelic footballInternational rules footballCamogieLadies' Gaelic football

Question 6: In ________ the Field Goal is nearly identical to that of the NFL and the CFL.
Gridiron footballArena footballTouch football (American)American football

Question 7: The following sports have a goal – sometimes called a ________ -- as a secondary method of scoring.
Field goal (football)Uniform number (American football)Fair catch kickFumble

Question 8: In ________ a goal is scored in the same manner as in Soccer, with the ball passing completely through the goal mouth.
CamogieHurlingInternational rules footballGaelic football

Question 9: The alternate method of scoring in basketball is the ________ which scores one point.
Double (basketball)Free throwFoul (basketball)Block (basketball)

Question 10: The ball may be punted, ________, or kicked off the ground if the ball is loose (called "soccer style" by some commentators).
Gridiron footballFumbleField goal (football)Drop kick


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