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Question 1: Gneissic rocks are usually medium to coarse foliated and largely recrystallized but do not carry large quantities of ________, chlorite or other platy minerals.
MuscoviteBiotiteSerpentine groupMica

Question 2: Gneisses that are metamorphosed igneous rocks or their equivalent are termed ________ gneisses, diorite gneisses, etc.

Question 3: However, depending on their composition, they may also be called ________ gneiss, biotite gneiss, albite gneiss, etc.

Question 4: Some sources say it comes from the ________ verb gneist (to spark; so called because the rock glitters) and has occurred in English at least since 1757.
Gothic languageMiddle High GermanOld EnglishOld High German

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