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Question 1: In ________ as well as typography, the term character refers to a grapheme or grapheme-like unit of text, as found in natural language writing systems (scripts).
ComputingElectrical engineeringSoftware engineeringElectronic engineering

Question 2: In ________, a glyph has a slightly different definition: it is a property of a typeface.
TypographyHyphenPrime (symbol)Dash

Question 3: Most typographic glyphs originate from the characters of a ________.
Computer fontTypefaceTypographic ligatureOpenType

Question 4: In general a diacritic is a glyph, even if (like a ________ in French, or a Polish ogonek, or the stroke on a Polish L) it is "joined up" with the rest of the character.
CedillaAcute accentCaronUmlaut (diacritic)

Question 5: It may be a pictogram or ideogram, or part of a writing system such as a syllable, or a ________.
AlphabetLogogramChinese characterKanji

Question 6: In most languages written in any variety of the ________ the dot on a lower-case 'i' is not a glyph because it does not convey any distinction, and an i in which the dot has been accidentally omitted is still likely to be read as an 'i'.
Latin alphabetPhoenician alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 7: In summary, in typography and computing, a glyph is a ________ unit.
Graphic designDrawingGraphicsComputer graphics

Question 8: It is a particular graphical representation, in a particular ________, of an element of written language, which could be a grapheme, or part of a grapheme, or sometimes several graphemes in combination (a composed glyph[1]).
Computer fontTypographic ligatureOpenTypeTypeface

Question 9: But the word "glyph" first came to widespread European attention with the engravings and lithographs from Frederick Catherwood's drawings of undeciphered glyphs of the ________ in the early 1840s.
Maya civilizationPre-Columbian eraMesoamerican chronologyTeotihuacan


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