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Glottis: Quiz


Question 1: Skilled players of the Australian ________ restrict their glottal opening in order to produce the full range of timbres available on the instrument.
GuamIndigenous Australian musicIndigenous AustraliansDidgeridoo

Question 2: The glottis is defined as the combination of the ________ and the space in between the folds (the rima glottidis).
Respiratory systemVestibular foldLarynxVocal folds

Question 3: English has a ________ spelled "h".
Palatal approximantVoiceless glottal fricativeBilabial nasalVoiceless velar plosive

Question 4: The vibration produced is an essential component of voiced ________ as well as vowels.
ConsonantVelar consonantAlveolar consonantPalatal consonant


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