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Glottal consonant: Quiz


Question 1: Glottal consonants in the ________:
International Phonetic AlphabetX-SAMPAVoiceless alveolar fricativeVelar nasal

Question 2: Glottal consonants, also called laryngeal consonants, are ________ articulated with the glottis.
ConsonantAlveolar consonantVelar consonantPalatal consonant

Question 3: Often all vocalic onsets are preceded by a ________, for example in German.
Palatal approximantVelar nasalGlottal stopVoiceless glottal fricative

Question 4: They instead represent transitional states of the glottis (________) without a specific place of articulation.
PhonationVoicelessVoice (phonetics)Modal voice

Question 5: The ________ occurs in many languages.
Voiceless glottal fricativeVelar nasalPalatal approximantGlottal stop

Question 6: The ________ writes the glottal stop as an opening single quote .
Palauan languageHawaiian languageTuvaluan languageMarshallese language


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