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Glossary of equestrian terms: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (includes list of tools)
Horse groomingEquestrianismArabian horseMane (horse)

Question 2: ________ (US) or lungeing (UK, Australasia, informal US)
Horse tackEquestrianismBridleLongeing

Question 3: ________ (includes a chart of parts of the horse)
Equus (genus)Horse careEquine nutritionEquine anatomy

Question 4: ________ (horse-racing terms)
Phar LapGlossary of Australian and New Zealand puntingMelbourne CupBetfair

Question 5: ________ (includes terms used to describe conformation flaws)
Arabian horseEquestrianismEquine conformationHorse

Question 6: ________ (US), veterinary surgeon (UK), (informal) vet
Veterinary medicineVeterinary schoolVeterinary dentistryVeterinarian

Question 7: ________ (includes horse breeds and types)
Glossary of equestrian termsAndalusian horseList of horse breedsArabian horse

Question 8: ________ (includes a list of harness parts)
Horse tackEquestrianismHorse harnessDriving (horse)

Question 9: Where noted, some terms are used only in ________ (US) or only in British English (UK), or are regional to a particular part of the world, such as Australia (Au).
AlaskaEnglish languageUnited StatesAmerican English

Question 10: A term used in describing ________ to describe the quality of certain skeletal structures.
EquestrianismHorseArabian horseEquine conformation

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