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Question 1: ________: a naturally occurring variant of a species, not usually present in a population or group of plants; a plant that has spontaneously mutated so that it differs from its parent plant.
SportOlympic GamesIrelandSports club

Question 2: ________: plants derived from the vegetative reproduction of an individual, all having the same genetic constitution.

Question 3: ________: an assemblage, in nature, of plants that characteristically occur together.
CommunitySociologySocial stratificationSocial network

Question 4: ________: the transfer of pollen from the male organ (anther) to the receptive region of a female organ (stigma).
PollinationFlowering plantPlantFlower

Question 5: ________: an organelle present in plant cells that contains chlorophyll.
ChloroplastPhotosynthesisPlastidCell wall

Question 6: ________: a flowering plant whose embryo has two (rarely more) cotyledons (seed leaves) (common usage - dicot.) cf.
DicotyledonThorne system (1992)Cronquist systemDahlgren system

Question 7: ________: the lamina or flattened part of a leaf, excluding the stalk.

Question 8: ________: remote from the point of origin or attachment; the free end; cf.
EarAnatomical terms of locationAnatomyDigestion

Question 9: ________: a trade mark formally accepted by a statutory trade-mark authority and distinguished by the international ® sign.
TrademarkGenericized trademarkPublic domainUnited States trademark law

Question 10: ________: the central, and usually most prominent, vein of a leaf or leaf-like organ; midvein.
SeedLeafFlowering plantPlant

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