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Global digital divide: Quiz


Question 1: In the early 21st century, residents of ________ countries enjoy many Internet services which are not yet widely available in Third World countries, including:
TurkeyFirst WorldDeveloped countryHuman Development Index

Question 2: At the ________, the IMARA organization (from Swahili word for "power") sponsors a variety of outreach programs which bridge the Global Digital Divide.
Harvard UniversityMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyNortheastern UniversityBoston University

Question 3: ________ enabled by efficient electronic payment networks like credit cards and reliable shipping services;
Online auction business modelOnline advertisingE-procurementElectronic commerce

Question 4: This global divide is often characterized as falling along what is sometimes called the ________ of "northern" wealthier nations and "southern" poorer ones.
DecolonizationNorth-South divideAsian Development BankDurban Review Conference

Question 5: The global digital divide is a term used to describe “great disparities in opportunity to access the ________ and the information and educational/business opportunities tied to this access … between developed and developing countries”.
InternetE-mailWorld Wide WebInternet Relay Chat

Question 6: This global information could be used for international trade, online ________, online education, telemedicine, e-government and many other applications that would solve vital problems in the developing world.
Million Book ProjectDigital libraryUniversal libraryGoogle Books

Question 7: The "global digital divide" is distinguishable from the "________", in that “Internet has developed unevenly throughout the world” (Guillen, M.
United StatesDigital divideInformation and communication technologies for developmentOLPC XO-1

Question 8: ________ featuring street maps searchable down to individual street addresses and detailed satellite and aerial photography;
Virtual globeNASA World WindOpenStreetMapGoogle Earth

Question 9: Online research systems like ________ and ProQuest which enable users to peruse newspaper and magazine articles that may be centuries old, without having to leave home;
ToyotaLexisNexisLexisNexis ButterworthsLawyer

Question 10: Affordable and widespread Internet access, either through personal computers at home or work, through public terminals in public libraries and ________, and through wireless access points;
NicaraguaSouth KoreaInternet caféUnited States


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