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Question 1: They realized that since they knew their exact location on the globe, they could pinpoint where the satellite was along its orbit by measuring the Doppler distortion (see ________).
Transit (satellite)Quasi-Zenith Satellite SystemGlobal Positioning SystemGlobal navigation satellite system

Question 2: L2 (1227.60 MHz): P(Y) code, plus the new ________ code on the Block IIR-M and newer satellites since 2005.
Global Positioning SystemGalileo (satellite navigation)GNSS AugmentationGPS signals

Question 3: This would save the FAA millions of dollars every year in maintenance of their own ________ systems.
Global navigation satellite systemGlobal Positioning SystemRadio navigationWide Area Augmentation System

Question 4: In 1960, the Air Force proposed a radio-navigation system called MOSAIC (Mobile System for Accurate ICBM Control) that was essentially a 3-D ________.
LORANGlobal Positioning SystemLongwaveDecca Navigator System

Question 5: L5 (1176.45 MHz): Proposed for use as a civilian safety-of-life (SoL) signal (see ________).
Global Positioning SystemGalileo (satellite navigation)GPS modernizationGPS signals

Question 6: As opposed to the year, month, and day format of the ________, the GPS date is expressed as a week number and a seconds-into-week number.
TimeGregorian calendarIslamic calendarJulian calendar

Question 7: However during the ________ arms race, the nuclear threat to the very existence of the United States was the one need that did justify this cost in the view of the US Congress.
Central Intelligence AgencyJoseph StalinVietnam WarCold War

Question 8: Receivers can interface with other devices using methods including a serial connection, USB, or ________.
CDMA2000IEEE 802.11BluetoothIS-95

Question 9: and foreign shipping, it is unlikely to be reintroduced, and various government agencies, including the ________,[64] have stated that it is not intended to be reintroduced.
Elwood Richard QuesadaMarion BlakeyFederal Aviation AdministrationFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Question 10: President ________ announced that the GPS would be made available for civilian uses once it was completed.
Gerald FordGeorge H. W. BushRonald ReaganRichard Nixon

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