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Question 1: For similar reasons to birds, ________ can glide efficiently.
BatMammalPrimateEven-toed ungulate

Question 2: Dynamic effects near the surface of the sea by ________

Question 3: Gravity drag ________ can have an effective lift to drag ratio while maintaining altitude
RocketSpace explorationSpace RaceSpacecraft propulsion

Question 4: In addition to ________, some powered aircraft are designed for routine glides during part of their flight; usually when landing after a period of a powered flight.
Powered hang gliderSchempp-Hirth Nimbus-4Motor gliderSingle-blade propeller

Question 5: Five principal types of lift are used:[5] thermals, ridge lift, ________, convergences and dynamic soaring.
WindLee waveMeteorologyHang gliding

Question 6: Like all things in ________, the lift-to-drag ratio is not the only consideration for wing design.
Industrial engineeringElectrical engineeringAerospace engineeringMechanical engineering

Question 7: A number of ________ have separately evolved gliding many times, without any single ancestor.

Question 8: For these creatures, gliding has mainly evolved to get from tree to tree in rainforests, most especially ________, where the trees are tall and widely spaced.
MalaysiaBorneoIndonesiaSoutheast Asia

Question 9: The lift-to-drag ratio, or L/D ratio ("ell-over-dee" in the US, "ell-dee" in the UK), is the amount of lift generated by a ________ or vehicle, divided by the drag it creates by moving through the air.
Wingtip deviceFlightLeading edge slatsWing

Question 10: ________ - a glider built to escape from Colditz
C.H. Latimer-NeedhamAttempts to escape Oflag IV-CElevator (aircraft)Colditz Cock


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