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Glider Competition Classes: Quiz


Question 1: The transition to ________ construction made the existing rules increasingly awkward.
PlasticOptical fiberAsbestosFiberglass

Question 2: Competition classes in ________, as in other sports, mainly exist to ensure fairness in competition.
GlidingHang glidingLift (soaring)Powered hang glider

Question 3: The ________ (IGC) is the sporting body overseeing air sports at the international level so that essentially the same classes and class definitions are followed in all countries.
Glider (sailplane)Glider Competition ClassesFédération Aéronautique InternationaleFAI Gliding Commission

Question 4: 1-26 Class, a monotype class very popular in the western United States, based on the ________ glider and managed by the 1-26 Association, a division of the Soaring Society of America.
Schweizer SGS 2-33Schweizer SGU 2-22Schweizer SGS 2-32Schweizer SGS 1-26

Question 5: For these the ________ does not exceed 18 kg/m2.
F-16 Fighting FalconGlider (sailplane)Wing loadingF-104 Starfighter

Question 6: The first World Class World Championship took place in 1997 in Inonu, ________.
CroatiaTurkish peopleTurkeyCyprus

Question 7: Seven ________ classes are currently recognised by the FAI and are eligible for European and World Championships:
Powered hang gliderGlider (sailplane)Fixed-wing aircraftHang gliding

Question 8: In 1965 the American ________ flew a variant of his HP-11, which in normal form had simple flaps as airbrakes.
Richard SchrederSchreder HP-14Schreder HP-18Schreder HP-15


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