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Question 1: These devices are based on the mathematical theory attributed to ________[9] though it was first described by Wolfgang Späte in 1938.
Gossamer AlbatrossAeroVironmentPaul MacCreadyCharles Lindbergh

Question 2: An ________ (ELT) may also be fitted into the glider to reduce search and rescue time in case of an accident.
Electric beaconCospas-SarsatDistress radiobeaconGlobal Positioning System

Question 3: Gliders now have very smooth, narrow fuselages and very long, narrow wings with a high aspect ratio and ________.
Aircraft flight control systemUndercarriageWingtip deviceGlass cockpit

Question 4: In addition to an altimeter, compass, and an ________, gliders are often equipped with a variometer, turn and bank indicator and an airband radio (transceiver), each of which may be required in some countries.
Pitot-static systemFlight instrumentsAirspeed indicatorPitot tube

Question 5: non-balloon) man-carrying aircrafts were ________'s series of gliders which achieved brief wing-borne hops from around 1849.
First flying machineAerodynamicsGeorge CayleyAerospace engineering

Question 6: Using ________ technology these tools can:
Inertial navigation systemGlobal Positioning SystemCompassF-15 Eagle

Question 7: Moving the ________ toward the rear by carrying water in the vertical stabilizer reduces the required down-force from the horizontal stabilizer and the resultant drag from that down-force.
Car handlingCenter of massVehicle dynamicsTire

Question 8: (Refer to the ________ article for more information).
Global Positioning SystemVariometerAttitude indicatorGlass cockpit

Question 9: [4] Santos Dumont, ________, Percy Pilcher, John J. Montgomery, and the Wright Brothers are other pioneers who built gliders to develop aviation.
Otto LilienthalTriangle control frameGermanyAviation history

Question 10: New materials such as carbon-fiber, fiber glass and ________ have since been used with computer-aided design to increase performance.
KevlarDuPontWallace CarothersNomex


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