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Glaucophyte: Quiz


Question 1: Motile forms have two unequal ________, which may have fine hairs and are anchored by a multilayered system of microtubules, both of which are similar to forms found in some green algae.

Question 2: Glaucophytes have mitochondria with flat cristae, and undergo open ________ without centrioles.
Cell cyclePreprophaseMeiosisMitosis

Question 3: Unlike other eukaryotic plastids they have a peptidoglycan layer which is believed to be a relic of the endosymbiotic origin of plastids from ________.
CyanobacteriaProkaryoteGram-positive bacteriaStreptococcus iniae

Question 4: [1] Together with the red algae and Viridiplantae (green algae and land plants) they form the ________.

Question 5: The glaucophytes, also known as glaucocystophytes or glaucocystids, are a small group of freshwater microscopic ________.
PlantWild fisheriesPhotosynthesisAlgae


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