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Question 1: ________ was revived for the first time since the Romans, initially mostly used for pieces in a neo-classical style.
Cameo glassCeramic artEngraved gemArt Nouveau

Question 2: [29] ________ can be added in small amounts to remove the green tint given by iron(II) oxide.
Potassium permanganateManganese(II) sulfateHydrogen peroxideManganese dioxide

Question 3: Finally, fining agents such as sodium sulfate, ________, or antimony oxide are added to reduce the bubble content in the glass.
Sodium chlorideSodium bicarbonateSodium carbonateSodium hydroxide

Question 4: ________, together with carbon and iron salts, is used to form iron polysulfides and produce amber glass ranging from yellowish to almost black.

Question 5:
Who played Peter Breen the movie Glass?
Adam Stone
Alan Lovell
Bernard Clisby
Adam Stone

Question 6: Thus, ________ in glass may be obtained by addition of electrically charged ions (or color centers) that are homogeneously distributed, and by precipitation of finely dispersed particles (such as in photochromic glasses).
ColorGreenPrimary colorPurple

Question 7: Optically ________ focus on the response of a material to incoming light waves of a range of wavelengths.
OpticsTransparency and translucencyOptical fiberGlass

Question 8:
Who played Brenda Fairfax the movie Glass?
Julie Herbert
Lisa Peers
Natalie McCurry
Julie Herbert

Question 9:
Who played Richard Vickery the movie Glass?
Adam Stone
Alan Lovell
Alan Lovell
Bernard Clisby

Question 10:
What role did Bernard Clisby play in the movie Glass?
Richard Vickery
Inspector Ambrosoll
Peter Breen

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