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Question 1: As temperature decreases with altitude, high mountains — even those near the ________ — have permanent snow cover on their upper portions, above the snow line.
1st parallel north5th parallel north1st parallel southEquator

Question 2: Extensive glaciers are found in Antarctica, Chilean Patagonia, Canada, ________, Greenland and Iceland.
Northwestern United StatesAlaskaUnited StatesWashington

Question 3: The seismic waves are recorded at seismographs around ________, and even as far away as Australia, a distance of more than 6,400 kilometers.
Kalahari DesertDesertAntarcticaAtacama Desert

Question 4: Conversely, areas of the Arctic, such as Banks Island, and the Dry Valleys in ________ are considered polar deserts, as they receive little snowfall despite the bitter cold.
AntarcticaAtacama DesertKalahari DesertNorth American Arctic

Question 5: Glaciers move, or flow, downhill due to the internal deformation of ice and ________.
General relativityIntroduction to general relativityEquivalence principleGravitation

Question 6: Mountain glaciers are widespread, e.g., in the Andes, the Himalaya, the Rocky Mountains, the Caucasus, and the ________.
AlpsGeographyHimalayasJura Mountains

Question 7: Glacier ice is the largest reservoir of fresh water on ________, and is second only to oceans as the largest reservoir of total water.

Question 8: Because of this, as the ice melts, it leaves stratified deposits in the form of ________, terraces and clusters.
Corinthian orderClassical orderColumnCapital (architecture)

Question 9: Glaciers are also responsible for the creation of ________ (deep coves or inlets) and escarpments that are found at high latitudes.
NorwaySound (geography)FjordDenmark

Question 10: ________ are rounded boulders that were left by a melting glacier and are often seen perched precariously on exposed rock faces after glacial retreat.
Little Ice AgeGlacial erraticKameLast glacial period


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