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Gizmondo: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: The Gizmondo is a handheld gaming console which was released by ________ in March 2005.
Chief executive officerStefan ErikssonCarl FreerTiger Telematics

Question 3:
When was Gizmondo released?

Question 4:
Which of the following media formats has Gizmondo been available in?

Question 5: The Gizmondo launched with a line-up of fourteen titles, including a port of EA's ________ and SSX 3, and SCi's Richard Burns Rally.
FIFA 07FIFA 09FIFA 06FIFA Football 2005

Question 6: It was intended to have a larger screen and upgrades like ________ and TV-out support.
WiMAXBluetoothWi-FiSatellite Internet access

Question 7: However, only 8 of the planned 14 ________ were ever released in the US, along with no CoPilot GPS software, though the software was sold on the British site for a week or two.
Video gameBoard gameGameTabletop game

Question 8: Gizmondo was overshadowed by the involvement of one of its executives, ________, in organized crime.
Stefan ErikssonAirbagAssaultDrug possession

Question 9: Gizmondo was released in the ________ on 19 March 2005, initially priced at £229.
United KingdomCanadaWalesEngland

Question 10: There was little to no advertising, and some of their advertising was even put in magazines of Nintendo Power (________'s official magazine).
Canon (company)NintendoSonyFujitsu


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