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Question 1: Rodion Shchedrin speaks of Kancheli as "an ascetic with the temperament of a maximalist; a restrained ________".
VolcanoMount EtnaMount RainierMount Vesuvius

Question 2: His music is often spiritual, leading some to compare him (not always helpfully) to composers such as Arvo Pärt and ________.
United KingdomEnglandJohn TavenerLondon

Question 3: He composed an opera Music for the Living, in collaboration with Rustaveli director Robert Sturua, and in December 1999, the opera was restaged for the Deutsches National Theater in ________.

Question 4: It is a farewell to his friends Avet Terterian and ________, whose names are sung by the choir at certain points.
Alfred SchnittkeRussiaDmitri ShostakovichMoscow

Question 5: Giya Kancheli (Georgian: გია ყანჩელი), born 10 August 1935, in Tbilisi, is a Georgian composer resident in ________.
United KingdomDenmarkSpainBelgium

Question 6: Kancheli has written seven symphonies, and what he terms a liturgy for viola and ________, called Mourned by the Wind.
The PlanetsClassical musicTimpaniOrchestra

Question 7: ________ allowed Kancheli to regain exposure, and he began to receive frequent commissions, as well as performances within Europe and America.
Mikhail GorbachevLech WałęsaPerestroikaGlasnost

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