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Girdle: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, girdles are often portrayed as magical, giving power and strength if worn by men, and protection if worn by women.

Question 2: In modern English the term "girdle" is most commonly used for a form of women's foundation wear that replaced the ________ in popularity.

Question 3: In addition, the Australian ________ writer, Beatrice Faust, in her book Women, Sex and Pornography refers to a "slight but sustained feeling of arousal" when wearing a "moderately tight" girdle.
Women's suffrageFeminismWomen's rightsGender equality

Question 4: Beer (1999: p.318) describes the bone girdle as the 'netted bone apron and belt' as vesture of the Dakinis and Heruka of the Cham Dance and Gar Dance of ________ sacred ritual dance performances:
PadmasambhavaNaropaAtishaTibetan Buddhism

Question 5: Later in the 1960s, the girdle was generally supplanted by ________.
Victoria's SecretPantyhoseStockingKnee highs

Question 6: Both models of girdles usually include suspender clips to hold up ________.

Question 7: The girdle was also used in the ________ and is used in hockey (National Hockey League).
Mesoamerican ballgameOlmecMesoamerican ballcourtMesoamerican chronology

Question 8: In ________, a girdle is a piece of clothing that is worn under the football pants to keep the hip, thigh, and tailbone pads in place, making the process of putting on the tight football pants easier.
Arena footballGridiron footballAmerican footballTouch football (American)

Question 9: Constructed of elasticized fabric and sometimes fastened with hook and eye closures, the modern girdle is designed to enhance a ________'s figure.

Question 10: In ________'s Bhowani Junction, once the mixed-race Victoria Jones decides to opt for an Indian rather than British persona, she rejects her girdle as a "western garment".
British RajJohn MastersChinditsBurma

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