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Giovanni Pico della Mirandola: Quiz


Question 1:
When is Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's birthday?

Question 2:
What region does Giovanni Pico della Mirandola belong to?
Brisbane East
Western Philosophers
Carlton County
South East England

Question 3: From 1480 to 1482, he continued his studies at the University of Padua, a major center of ________ in Italy.
Virtue ethicsAristotelianismAristotlePhronesis

Question 4: In it, Pico acidly condemned the practices of the astrologers of his day, and shredded the intellectual basis of ________ itself.

Question 5:
Where did Giovanni Pico della Mirandola die?
near Civitavecchia or Santa Marinella, Italy
Moricone, Italy
Pisa, Italy

Question 6:
Which of the following was of most interest to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola?

Question 7:
Where was Giovanni Pico della Mirandola born?

Question 8: ________ • Exegesis • History of religion • Religion • Religious philosophy • Theology • Relationship between religion and science • Religion and politics • Faith and rationality • more...

Question 9: Adjacent to Mirandola, Amalfitano writes ________, while beneath him he writes Husserl (p. 207, 2008).
Gottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantPlatoThomas Hobbes

Question 10: Pico fled to France in 1488, where he was arrested by Philip II of Savoy, at the demand of the papal ________, and imprisoned at Vincennes.

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