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Question 1:
What role did Gillo Pontecorvo play in the movie Il sole sorge ancora?
Major Heinrich
Don Camillo

Question 2: Pontecorvo, born in ________, was the son of a wealthy non-observant Italian Jewish businessman, and the younger brother of Bruno Pontecorvo, an internationally acclaimed physicist, and Guido Pontecorvo, a geneticist.

Question 3: The film won a prize at the ________.
Karlovy Vary International Film FestivalIstanbul International Film FestivalKraków Film FestivalFestroia International Film Festival

Question 4: In 1938, shortly after his graduation and faced with growing anti-Semitism, he fled to ________, where he was able to find work in journalism as a correspondent for the Italian newspapers La Repubblica and Paese Sera, and as a tennis instructor.
United KingdomFranceCanadaItaly

Question 5: It has been and remains extremely popular in ________, providing a popular memory of the struggle for liberation from France.

Question 6: For this he was nominated for the Best Director Oscar in 1969 and won the ________ at the Venice Film Festival in that year.
Golden Lion64th Venice International Film Festival62nd Venice International Film Festival63rd Venice International Film Festival

Question 7: Pontecorvo's next major work, Queimada! (Burn!, 1969), starring ________, is another anti-colonial film, this time set in the Antilles.
Laurence OlivierAcademy Award for Best ActorPeter O'TooleMarlon Brando

Question 8: Pontecorvo played a cameo role in ________'s movie The Stupids.
The Blues Brothers (film)The Blues BrothersJohn LandisBlues Brothers 2000

Question 9: He was a close friend of the Italian President ________.
Giuliano AmatoAmintore FanfaniGiorgio NapolitanoAlcide De Gasperi

Question 10: Pontecorvo joined the ________ in 1941.
Christian Democracy (Italy, historical)Italian Liberal Party (historical)Italian Socialist PartyItalian Communist Party


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