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Question 1: The term "gill slits" is also sometimes used to refer to the folds of skin in the pharyngeal region in all ________ embryos, including those of humans.

Question 2: In the 19th century, "gill slits" of vertebrate embryos were erroneously thought to be actual gills, and thus evidence for the ________.
Evolutionary developmental biologyRecapitulation theoryErnst HaeckelCharles Darwin

Question 3: Such gills are characteristic of Cartilaginous fish such as sharks, rays, ________, and guitarfish.
Angel sharkBullhead sharkChimaeraSawfish

Question 4: Gill slits are individual openings to ________, i.e., multiple gill arches, which lack a single outer cover.
Demersal fishFish anatomyGillFish


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