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Question 1: Respiration in the ________ (includes starfish and sea urchins) is carried out using a very primitive version of gills called papulli.

Question 2: The gills of ________ are typically developed in the walls of the pharynx along a series of gill slits opening to the exterior.

Question 3: Marine teleosts also utilize their gills for the excretion of ________.
ElectrolyteFuel cellHalf cellLead-acid battery

Question 4: In ________, molluscs and some insects, gills are tufted or plate-like structures at the surface of the body in which blood circulates.

Question 5: ________ observed that they have multitudes of openings (foramina), big enough to admit gases, but too fine to give passage to water.
Ibn ZuhrGalenAvicennaHippocrates

Question 6: ________ and rays typically have five pairs of gill slits opening directly to the outside of the body, although some of the more primitive sharks have six or seven pairs.
Bullhead sharkGreat white sharkSharkAngel shark

Question 7: The base of the arch may also support ________, small projecting elements that help to filter food from the water.
Pelagic fishFish anatomyFishPrehistoric fish

Question 8: Examples include many ________ in the family Elmidae, aquatic weevils, and true bugs in the family Aphelocheiridae.

Question 9: ________ are somewhat different from other cartilagenous fish, having lost both the spiracle and the fifth gill slit.
Angel sharkChimaeraSharkBullhead shark

Question 10: Pliny the Elder held that fish respired by their gills, but observed that ________ was of another opinion.
EmpiricismBertrand RussellPlatoAristotle


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