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Question 1: [16] Some fans consider this "ship" very similar to the one of Mulder and Scully in the ________.
The X-Files (season 8)The X-Files (season 9)The X-Files (season 1)The X-Files

Question 2: Phillip Gerard, played by ________, stating that he used to work for him in Hennepin County, whose seat is Minneapolis.
Raymond J. BarryLost (TV series)Brian CoxCSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Question 3:
On what date was Gil Grissom born?
Hesperia, California, United States
San Diego, California
Santa Monica, California
Watts, Los Angeles, California USA

Question 4:
What is the street address of Gil Grissom?
Somerset Regional Council
Las Vegas, Nevada

Question 5: Grissom has received positive responses from critics, ranking number 82 on Bravo's list of Greatest Television Characters of All Time, along with ________.
Greg SandersCatherine WillowsCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationGil Grissom

Question 6: [31] He gets a lot of help in these areas from right-hand woman ________, who is always trying to make him "look up from the microscope".
Greg SandersCSI: Crime Scene InvestigationCatherine WillowsGil Grissom

Question 7: [67] In CSIs eighth season, when ________ decided to leave the show,[68] both she and the writers decided not to kill the character, so as to leave the doors open for a possible comeback.
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationJorja FoxEmily ProcterGeorge Eads

Question 8: This ________ has an extensive fan base.
NovelSatirePoetryCharacter (arts)

Question 9: [29] Another character on CSI who shares these kind of traits is his subordinate (and current wife), ________.
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 8)CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationGil GrissomSara Sidle

Question 10: Upon his return, however, he appears reinvigorated and tells Warrick Brown that he "missed" Las Vegas."[25] After the resignation of ________, his fiancee, from the lab, and the murder of Warrick Brown, his burnout seems to be resurfacing.
Gil GrissomCSI: Crime Scene Investigation (season 8)Sara SidleCSI: Crime Scene Investigation

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