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Gil Amelio: Quiz


Question 1: ADC is the ________ arm of an Australian firm that has developed a product for the wireless communications industry called SpectruCell.
United StatesPhilippinesCanadaAlaska

Question 2: After his resignation from ________ Amelio became Apple CEO on 2 February 1996, succeeding Michael Spindler.
United StatesFairchild SemiconductorNational SemiconductorSchlumberger

Question 3: He is a current or past director of AT&T Inc., Pacific Telesis, ________, Sematech, the Georgia Tech Advisory Board (as chairman) and the American Film Institute.

Question 4: In November 1996 Amelio started discussions with Steve Jobs' ________, and bought the company on 4 February 1997 for $429 million.
MacintoshApple Inc.Mac OS XNeXT

Question 5: NeXT's operating system became the basis for ________.
Mac OS XQuickTimeMac OS X ServerSafari (web browser)

Question 6: Amelio worked at ________, Fairchild Semiconductor, and the semiconductor division of Rockwell International but is best remembered as a former CEO of National Semiconductor and Apple.
Bell LabsWestern ElectricBell SystemAmerican Telephone & Telegraph

Question 7: [1] He moved to ________ in 1971, where he led the development of the first commercial CCD image sensors in the early 1970s, and in 1977 became head of the MOS division.
Fairchild SemiconductorShockley Semiconductor LaboratorySilicon ValleyIntel Corporation

Question 8: At ________ in 1970, Amelio was on the team that demonstrated the first working charge-coupled device (CCD).
Bell SystemBell LabsWestern ElectricAmerican Telephone & Telegraph

Question 9: Since 1998 Amelio has been a ________ focusing on early-stage startups.
Institutional investorVenture capitalPrivate equityPrivate equity secondary market

Question 10: He is currently Senior Partner at Sienna Ventures in ________, and CEO of Acquicor, a company he co-founded with Ellen Hancock and Steve Wozniak.
Tiburon, CaliforniaMill Valley, CaliforniaSan Rafael, CaliforniaSausalito, California


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