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Question 1: Gein's character, style, and reputation at this point had become the prototype for what young ________ would adapt into a Marilyn Manson ideal.
Marilyn MansonAntichrist SuperstarJeordie WhiteMarilyn Manson (band)

Question 2: Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, ________ (1990)
Jeordie WhiteChris VrennaMarilyn Manson (band)Mechanical Animals

Question 3: ________, Lunch Boxes & Choklit Cows (2004)
Marilyn Manson (band)Jeordie WhiteChris VrennaMechanical Animals

Question 4: His stage name references serial killer ________ and the novel Gidget.
American PsychoWisconsinEd GeinAlcoholism

Question 5: He was replaced by ________, now known as Twiggy Ramirez.
Jeordie WhiteSean BeavanChris VrennaNothing Records

Question 6: Gidget Gein at the ________
CDNOWAmazon.comBox Office MojoInternet Movie Database

Question 7: ________, Grist-O-Line (1990)
Marilyn Manson (band)Chris VrennaMechanical AnimalsJeordie White

Question 8: ________, After School Special (album) (1991)
Chris VrennaJeordie WhiteMarilyn Manson (band)Mechanical Animals

Question 9: Marilyn Manson, ________ (1994)
Jeordie WhitePortrait of an American FamilySmells Like ChildrenAntichrist Superstar

Question 10: Marilyn Manson, ________ (1996)
Mechanical AnimalsAntichrist SuperstarSmells Like ChildrenEat Me, Drink Me

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