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Question 1:
Who played 6 the movie Gibraltar?
Geneviève Grad
Elisa Montés
Viviane Romance
Paulette Pax

Question 2:
What role did Georges Flamant play in the movie Gibraltar?
General Maxwell
Frank Jackson

Question 3:
When was Gibraltar established?

Question 4:
What is the national anthem of Gibraltar?
Gibraltar Anthem
Lebanese National Anthem
Mexican National Anthem
Beylical Anthem

Question 5:
Who played Paoli the movie Gibraltar?
Fausto Tozzi
Gérard Barray
Claudio Gora
Georges Flamant

Question 6:
What is the top level internet domain of Gibraltar?

Question 7: 4Now the San Andrés y Providencia Department of ________
Valle del Cauca DepartmentQuindío DepartmentColombian armed conflict (1964–present)Colombia

Question 8:
What is the currency of Gibraltar?
Australian Dollar
International Symbol u00A5 Pronounced
Gibraltar pound u00A3
Indian escudo

Question 9:
What time offset in UTC is Gibraltar in during daylight savings?

Question 10: It shares a 1.2 km (0.75 mi) land border with ________.

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