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Giardia: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the genus authority of Giardia?
Cassini in F. Cuvier,
Brocchi, 1877
Ettl, 1960
Kunstler, 1882

Question 2: ________ (=G. intestinalis, =G. duodenalis) infect humans and other mammals, G. muris is found from other mammals, G. ardeae and G. psittaci from birds, G. agilis from amphibians and G. microti from voles [5].
Giardia lambliaTrypanosoma bruceiDientamoeba fragilisTrichomonas vaginalis

Question 3: Like other diplomonads, Giardia have two nuclei, each with four associated flagella, and lack both mitochondria and a ________.
Cell (biology)Golgi apparatusLysosomeEndoplasmic reticulum

Question 4: These are not used in ATP synthesis the way mitochondria are, but are involved in the maturation of ________.
FerritinIron-sulfur proteinTransferrinMetalloprotein

Question 5: Giardia agilis
Giardia ardeae
Giardia muris
Giardia microti
Giardia psittaci
Trichomonas vaginalisTrypanosoma bruceiDientamoeba fragilisGiardia lamblia


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