Gianluigi Buffon: Quiz

Question 1:
Which club does Gianluigi Buffon_name currently play for?

Question 2: ________: 2003 Runner-up
2005–06 UEFA Champions LeagueUEFA Champions League2010 UEFA Champions League Final2009–10 UEFA Champions League

Question 3:
In what city was Gianluigi Buffon born?

Question 4:
What club did Gianluigi Buffon play for in his youth?

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Gianluigi Buffon have?
Sri Lankan Ambassador to Italy and the Holy See
Italy squad
Italy religiosity
From Italy's Shores

Question 6:
What is the full name of Gianluigi Buffon?
Gianluigi Buffon
James Isaac Whelpton
Mauricio Daniel Nanni Lima
Mikhail Petrovich Biryukov

Question 7:
In what country was Gianluigi Buffon born?

Question 8: [8] From September-January, ________, Juventus' reserve goalie, held his position between the sticks, and gained a lot of praise for his deputizing.
Alex ManningerAlessandro Del PieroAlberto ZaccheroniJuventus F.C.

Question 9: ________ Team of the Tournament
UEFA Euro 2008 squadsUEFA Euro 2008Portugal national football teamUEFA European Football Championship

Question 10: ________ All-Star Team
2006 FIFA World Cup squads2006 FIFA World CupFIFA World Cup goalscorers2006 FIFA World Cup knockout stage

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