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Question 1: for ________, citing that Parker stole the melody from his 1983 song "I Want A New Drug".
Academic dishonestyMusical plagiarismCopyright infringementPlagiarism

Question 2: a ________-like vehicle seen as a toy.
Juan Pablo MontoyaFormula OneKart racingLewis Hamilton

Question 3: Aykroyd and Ramis initially wrote the script with roles written especially for Belushi, ________ and John Candy.
Heath LedgerGeorge ClooneyDreamgirls (film)Eddie Murphy

Question 4:
When was the Ghostbusters (franchise)?
February 2010
February - June 2004
February 2007 - January 2008
February 1905

Question 5:
Which of the following titles did Ghostbusters (franchise) have?
Bad Scene and a Basement Show
Senator for New South Wales
with Joe Thomas

Question 6: Winston Zeddemore was written with Eddie Murphy in mind, but he had to decline the role as he was filming ________ at the same time.
Beverly Hills Cop IIBeverly Hills Cop IIIBeverly Hills CopBeverly Hills Cop (film series)

Question 7: He is one of the three doctors of ________ on the team, along with Dr.
PsychokinesisClairvoyanceParapsychologyExtrasensory perception

Question 8: It is a 1984 sci-fi ________ about three eccentric New York City parapsychologists.
Comedy filmBritish comedyRomantic comedy filmAnarchic comedy film

Question 9: The music video produced for the song is considered one of the key productions in the early music video era, and was a #1 ________ video.

Question 10: When ________ took over, it was decided that he be brought in later to indicate how the Ghostbusters were struggling to keep up with the outbreak of ghosts.
The Real GhostbustersExtreme GhostbustersErnie HudsonGhostbusters (franchise)


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