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Ghazi of Iraq: Quiz


Question 1: He came to ________ at the same year and was appointed as the crown prince.

Question 2: He left the Hijaz to ________ with the rest of the Hashimites in 1924.
Zulu KingdomJordanBarbadosSaint Helena

Question 3: Because Faisal was under age, ________ Abdul Ilah served as Regent until 1953.
Royal and noble ranksPrinceMonarchEmperor

Question 4: He was rumored to harbor sympathies for Nazi ________ and also put forth a claim for Kuwait to be annexed to Iraq.

Question 5: ________, April 17, 1939.
Time (magazine)National ReviewThe New YorkerNewsweek

Question 6: He was born in ________ (in present-day Saudi Arabia), the only son of Faisal I,[2] the first King of Iraq.

Question 7: [5] Some believe he was killed on the orders of ________.
Rashid Ali al-GaylaniJamil al-MidfaiAbd al-Karim QasimNuri as-Said

Question 8: On January 25, 1934 Ghazi married Princess Aliya bint Ali daughter of King Ali of Hejaz in ________ Iraq.

Question 9: An account of a young prince Ghazi's experience flying over his country can be found in ________'s The Flying Carpet.
Richard HalliburtonUnited StatesCairoManila

Question 10: He supported General ________ in his coup, which replaced the civilian government with a military one.
KirkukMosulBakr SidqiIraq


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