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Ghana Air Force: Quiz


Question 1: She also acted as the personal pilot of Kwame Nkrumah from ________-1966.

Question 2: The GAF once operated six ________, two of which (the G452 (SH1929) and G455 (SH1933)) had structural damage and were scrapped.
Short SC.7 SkyvanShort 330Short 360C-23 Sherpa

Question 3: The GAF's rank structure is similar to the ________'s rank structure from where its ranks were derived.
British Armed ForcesLuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceBritish Army

Question 4: The Ghana Air Force (GAF) is the air force of the African nation of ________.
GhanaSierra LeoneNigeriaKenya

Question 5: Later that year a headquarters was established in ________ under the command of an Indian air commodore.
Cape TownAccraGaboroneCairo

Question 6: In ________ Royal Air Force personnel took up the task of training the newly established Ghana Air Force and in 1961 they were joined by a small group of Royal Canadian Air Force personnel.

Question 7: The GAF was founded in ________ with direction from Indian and Israeli officers.

Question 8: In 1962 the national school of gliding was set up by Hanna Reitsch, who was once ________'s top personal pilot.
Adolf HitlerNazi PartySchutzstaffelNazi Germany

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