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Gewehr 43: Quiz


Question 1:
What mountain range is Gewehr 43 a part of?
Terrick Terrick Range
~175 yards/meters w/ rifled slug
Adjacent tower
500 m, 800 m with scope

Question 2: An unknown number of late-war K43 rifles were chambered for the 7.92x33mm cartridge and modified to accept ________ magazines[1].
MP 40Karabiner 98kFG 42StG 44

Question 3:
What kind of service does Gewehr 43 get?
Limited Express
All types

Question 4: The Gewehr 43 stayed in service with the ________ army for several years after the war.
Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938)Czech RepublicCzechoslovak Socialist RepublicCzechoslovakia

Question 5: ________
List of World War II firearms of GermanyList of common World War II infantry weaponsBrowning Hi-PowerList of firearms

Question 6: Most metal parts on this rifle were machined steel, and some rifles, especially later examples utilized the ________ type plastic handguards.
United KingdomSpainBelgiumBakelite

Question 7: The army issued a specification to various manufacturers, and both ________ and Walther submitted prototypes that were very similar.
Gewehr 1888Karabiner 98kMauserFabrique Nationale de Herstal

Question 8: The G/K43 was issued in limited numbers in 1944 and 1945 to units of the ________.
Adolf HitlerWehrmachtEastern Front (World War II)Albert Kesselring

Question 9: In 1941, Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union as part of ________.
Operation BarbarossaOperation BagrationWorld War IIEastern Front (World War II)

Question 10: The Gewehr 43/Karabiner 43 joined the ranks of the SVT-40 and ________ as general issue semi-automatic rifles during the war.
M1918 Browning Automatic RifleM2 Browning machine gunM1 carbineM1 Garand

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