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Gettysburg Campaign: Quiz


Question 1: Soldiers burned several railroad cars and a ________, and they destroyed nearby rails and telegraph lines.
Covered bridgeVermontUnited StatesPennsylvania

Question 2: ________'s cavalry division easily brushed aside Brig.
J.E.B. StuartGouverneur K. WarrenDavid McMurtrie GreggHugh Judson Kilpatrick

Question 3: ________'s division went directly from Westminster to Frederick, where they were joined by Merritt's division on the night of July 5.
J.E.B. StuartJohn F. ReynoldsGeorge MeadeJohn Buford

Question 4: ________'s division, which was still on a ridge about a mile and a half from Falling Waters.
Edward Porter AlexanderRichard H. AndersonHenry HethJ.E.B. Stuart

Question 5: ________ and Elon J. Farnsworth were probing for the end of the Confederate left flank.
J.E.B. StuartRobert E. LeeGeorge Armstrong CusterWinfield Scott Hancock

Question 6: Although Milroy ordered his men to fight their way out of the situation, when the ________ arrived just after dawn to cut the turnpike to the north, Milroy's men began to surrender in large numbers.
Stonewall JacksonStonewall BrigadeJackson's Valley CampaignJackson's operations against the B&O Railroad (1861)

Question 7: ________'s division attacking across the open fields north of town.
James LongstreetWinfield Scott HancockJ.E.B. StuartJubal Anderson Early

Question 8: ________'s division) took to the field.
George MeadeHugh Judson KilpatrickDavid McMurtrie GreggGouverneur K. Warren

Question 9: But President ________ sternly reminded him that Lee's army was the true objective.
Abraham LincolnUlysses S. GrantGerald FordAndrew Johnson

Question 10: ________'s Confederate cavalry to get into the Federal rear and exploit any success that Pickett's Charge may have generated.
James LongstreetWinfield Scott HancockRobert E. LeeJ.E.B. Stuart


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