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Geryon: Quiz


Question 1: The poet Stesichorus wrote a song of Geryon (Γηρυονηΐς - Geryoneïs) in the sixth century BC, which was apparently the source of this section in Bibliotheke; it contains the first reference to ________.
Prehistoric IberiaIberian PeninsulaAndalusiaTartessos

Question 2: In the Aeneid, Vergil may have based the triple-souled figure of Erulus, king of ________, on Geryon.

Question 3: On the way there, he crossed the Libyan desert[4] and became so frustrated at the heat that he shot an arrow at ________, the Sun.
Greek mythologyAtlas (mythology)HeliosTitan (mythology)

Question 4: A more literal-minded later generation of Greeks associated the region with ________ in southern Iberia.
Prehistoric IberiaAndalusiaIberian PeninsulaTartessos

Question 5: In the fullest account in the Bibliotheke of Pseudo-Apollodoros,[3] ________ was required to travel to Erytheia, in order to obtain the Cattle of Geryon as his tenth labour.
Trojan WarDionysusHeraclesGreek mythology

Question 6: At ________'s bidding, he helps him and Dante enter the eighth circle by carrying them on his back and gliding down the cliff.

Question 7: In Dante's ________ Geryon has become a winged serpent-like beast with the tail of a scorpion but the face of an honest man.
Dante AlighieriInferno (Dante)PurgatorioDivine Comedy

Question 8: He owned a two-headed hound named Orthrus, which was the brother of ________, and a herd of magnificent red cattle that were guarded by Orthrus, and a herder Eurytion, son of Erytheia.
HeraclesGreek mythologyHadesCerberus

Question 9: From the fragmentary papyri found at ________[7] it is possible (although there is no evidence) that Stesichorus inserted a character, Menoites, who reported the theft of the cattle to Geryon.
GreeceGreek templeOxyrhynchus PapyriOxyrhynchus

Question 10: [8] He dwells at the cliff between the seventh and eighth circles of ________ (the circles of violence and fraud, respectively).


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