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Gerstmann syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: Gerstmann syndrome is a ________ disorder that is characterized by a constellation of symptoms that suggests the presence of a lesion in a particular area of the brain.

Question 2: In adults, the syndrome may occur after a ________ or in association with damage to the parietal lobe.
Cerebral aneurysmSubarachnoid hemorrhageStrokeCerebral venous sinus thrombosis

Question 3: ________/agraphia: deficiency in the ability to write
Gerstmann syndromeDysgraphiaExpressive aphasiaDyslexia

Question 4: ________: inability to distinguish the fingers on the hand
AgnosiaGerstmann syndromeReceptive aphasiaExpressive aphasia

Question 5: ________/acalculia: difficulty in learning or comprehending mathematics
DysgraphiaDyslexiaDyscalculiaDyslexia research

Question 6: In addition to exhibiting the above symptoms, many adults also experience ________, which is a difficulty in expressing oneself when speaking, in understanding speech, or in reading and writing.
Receptive aphasiaExpressive aphasiaNominal aphasiaAphasia

Question 7: In addition, ________ and word processors may help school children cope with the symptoms of the disorder.
Personal computerProgrammable calculatorCalculatorScientific calculator

Question 8: (It should not be confused with Gerstmann-Straussler syndrome, which is a ________.)
Fatal familial insomniaPrionTransmissible spongiform encephalopathyCreutzfeldt–Jakob disease

Question 9: This disorder is often associated with ________ lesions in the dominant (usually left) hemisphere including the angular and supramarginal gyri near the temporal and parietal lobe junction.
BrainDigestionSensory systemNervous system


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